Singer/songwriter Matt Turk shines on ‘Cold Revival’ release

Matt Turk‘Cold Revival’
Matt Turk (Big Kid/Turktunes)
4 stars out of 5

New York-based singer/songwriter Matt Turk has been doing his thing for well over a decade without ever getting the acclaim that his ear-pleasing music deserves. The folk-leaning “Cold Revival” is Turk’s latest gem, coming on the heels of 2010’s “American Preservation” and 2006’s “Washington Arms.”

Matt Turk CDTurk is a terrific storyteller and he uses his first-rate baritone voice to weave a spell on listeners. The 11-track release whisks by in a too-short 35 minutes, but that’s more than enough time to revel in the magic of standout tracks “Cracked Egg,” “The Ballad of Reuben,” the title track, “Sorrow Is Loud,” “Battle Song” and set closer “In Her Smile.”

Though not a household name, Turk has shared the stage with heavyweights like Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, The Doobie Brothers and Fiona Apple. He has poured his heart and soul into “Cold Revival” and the record’s tunes of relationships, loss and the redeeming power of love figure to worm their way into your brain. In a very good way. It’s time you got to know Matt Turk. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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