Field Report avoid sophomore slump with terrific ‘Marigolden’

Field Report‘Marigolden’
Field Report (Partisan)
4 stars out of 5

Field Report, the folk/rock project of former DeYarman Edison member Chris Porterfield, blew me away in 2012 with the release of their sublime self-titled debut. It was one of those records that came seemingly out of nowhere and has remained in heavy rotation on my iPod for more than two years.

Field Report CDWith “Marigolden,” Porterfield and Field Report prove that their first record was no fluke. This 10-track release is almost as good as its predecessor and cements Porterfield’s status as one of the most gifted (albeit unheralded) songwriters playing his trade these days.

You won’t go wrong anywhere on the 10-track, 46-minute gem … but play extra attention to standouts “Decision Day,” “Home (Leave the Lights On),” “Pale Ride,” “Wings,” the title track,” “Summons” and “Enchantment.” It’s amazing how good the Partisan Records stable of artists is these days, and Field Report may very well be the best of a fantastic bunch. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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