Ghosts in Pocket hit all the right notes on ‘Barberton’ release

Ghosts In Pocket‘Barberton’
Ghosts in Pocket (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Los Angeles-based quintet Ghosts in Pocket seem poised to expand their fan base considerably with the release of new EP “Barberton.” The five-track release comes on the heels of 2013 full-length debut “Shadowbox” and has earned the band comparisons to the likes of The National, Interpol and The Killers.

Ghosts in Pocket CDGhosts in Pocket — Keith Beshwate (vocals/guitar), Zach Mullen (guitar), Chris Pulley (drums), Nick Hartman (bass) and Eric Atkinson (kyboards/horns) — formed in 2011 and the SoCal band really come into their own on this 20-minute short player.

The clear-cut highlight of “Barberton” is the set-opening title track, but Ghosts in Pocket also score with “Separated By Ice,” “Statue’s Pulse” and “Keep the Heat Coming.” Remaining tune “Make It Break,” while not a stinker, pales in comparison to the rest of the record.

If these guys can build on the EP’s solid foundation and continue to evolve and mature as a band, Ghosts in Pocket may well deliver a truly special album one day. (Jeffrey Sisk)



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