The Demigs shine on ambitious effort ‘Welcome to Hard Times’

The Demigs‘Welcome to Hard Times’
The Demigs (I Love Math)
4 stars out of 5

Texas-based indie rock quartet The Demigs have been kicking around for almost a decade without ever breaking into the mainstream. Their first two albums — 2007’s “Yardling” debut and 2011’s “Cities Can Wait” — earned favorable reviews but didn’t do enough to make this talented band a household name.

The Demigs CDNo one will ever accuse The Demigs of lacking ambition in the wake of third release “Welcome to Hard Times.” This is a mammoth undertaking, a two-CD set with 20 tracks clocking in at more than 90 minutes. The most impressive aspect about the album is that it never feels padded or overstuffed. The Demigs manage to maintain the momentum from beginning to end and that’s hard to do on records with half the size of “Welcome to Hard Times.”

The Demigs lure listeners right in with “Welcome to Hard Times (Vacant Houses)” and “Crossed Out Names,” and the first-rate tunes continue with “Long Runs the Fox,” “Everything Is a Weapon,” “Henry & Maggie,” “Any Other Pattern,” “Dead By Monday,” “Athena Goes to War,” “Yeller” and “Welcome to Hard Times II (Black Cat/White Ghost).” Here’s hoping this is the record that gets The Demigs their due. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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