Jason Sees celebrates, mourns his late wife on ‘A Single Frame Passing Through the Light’

Jason Sees Band‘A Single Frame Passing Through the Light’
Jason Sees Band (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

Anyone who’s lost a spouse — or any loved one for that matter — might have a difficult time making it through “A Single Frame Passing Through the Light,” the latest album from Jason Sees Band. It’s a love letter to frontman Jason Sees’ late wife Zandy and only the most hard-hearted of listeners won’t be moved by this impressive 10-track release.

Jason Sees Band CD“This album chronicles my journey with my wife,” See explains. “From our ‘honeymoon phase’ through her initial cancer diagnosis, to the last eight weeks of her life, and after she died. Writing and recording this record was therapy for me, but it also helped me prove to myself how much Zandy meant to me. Everyone endures loss in their life, so I think this album will resonate with a large number of people. It would be great if this music helped people who are struggling. It is always therapeutic to see something positive come out of tragedies.”

“A Single Frame Passing Through the Light” is a 10-track, 45-minute album that should be absorbed in a single sitting if at possible. The individual tunes are good enough to be enjoyed piecemeal but Sees’ words and music are all the more powerful when the entire story is laid out in song. Highlights include uptempo opener “And of Course Howie,” “In Your Shade,” “Light Blue Light,” “Your Favorite Song,” the title track and “I’ll See You Soon.” Highly recommended. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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