Husky Rescue’s ‘The Long Lost Friend: Special Edition’ overstays its welcome

Husky‘The Long Lost Friend: Special Edition’
Husky Rescue (Catskills Records Ltd.)
3 stars out of 5

Finnish indie pop outfit Husky Rescue has undergone a series of lineup changes over the years, with founder/composer/multi-instrumentalist Marko Nyberg being the lone constant. “The Long Lost Friend: Special Edition” two-CD set continues the evolution of Husky Rescue — even though a major player has since departed the band.

Husky CD“Long Lost Friend” got an initial small-scale release in 2013. It features Nyberg, Antony Bentley and Swedish vocalist Johanna Kalen. Disc 1 is comprised of that original album, plus five bonus tracks. The 13-track, 53-minute set is a winner, highlighted by standout cuts “Under Friendly Fire,” “River,” “Mountains Only Know,” “Deep Forest Green” and “Skin of Snow.”

Since the original recording, Kalen left the band for health reasons and Disc 2 features instrumentals by Nyberg and Bentley. There are some nice moments to be found here, but with 11 tunes clocking in at 47 minutes, the second disc overstays its welcome by half. That said, “Sunrise in the Mist,” “Robot Requiem,” “Jigsaw Puzzle” and “Far From the Storm” merit some attention. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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