Stephen Young & The Union serve up an Americana gem in ‘Eagle Fort Rumble’

Stephen Young‘Eagle Fort Rumble’
Stephen Young & The Union (Ragged Company)
4 stars out of 5

Leave it to a group of talented Irishmen to make one of the better Americana records of the year. Up-and-comng quintet Stephen Young & The Union have been building a following in Europe the past couple years and come into their own on sophomore full-length “Eagle Fort Rumble.”

Stephen Young CD“Our self-released debut (2011’s ‘Wilderness Machine’), stylistically, was more of a ‘singer/songwriter with a band for hire’ kind of album,” Young explains. “This time around, with a new lineup, the direction shifted more positively to a ‘band album.’”

Young & The Union suck listeners right in with “Shiver,” “Duty Free 200” and “Lately I’ve Rescued a Rose,” and later deliver the goods with keepers “Land Leg Blues,” “Shadowman,” “Beautiful Dead” and set closer “Someone You Dream Of.” Do yourself a favor and seek out this enjoyable 11-track release. You’ll be glad that you did. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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