Revamped Hurricane #1 return with rock-solid slab ‘Find What You Love and Let It Kill You’

Hurricane #1‘Find What You Love and Let It Kill You’
Hurricane #1 (Tapete)
3.5 stars out of 5

Having emerged from a life-threatening battle with cancer, guitarist/vocalist Alex Lowe decided to resurrect his old band Hurricane #1. That outfit called it quits in 1999 after just two full-length albums, with Lowe going on to pursue a serviceable solo career.

Hurricane #1 CDLowe is the lone original member in the current incarnation of Hurricane #1. Carlo Mariani (guitar), Lucas Mariani (bass) and Chris Campbell (drums) round out the new lineup. Their first album together, “Find What You Love and Let It Kill You” is an enjoyable collection of 11 indie rock tunes that were written while Lowe was in the hospital undergoing cancer treatments.

“”I would sit there on the bed for hours just thinking, staring out the window,” Lowe recalls. “Then I thought if I’m spending my time in here doing nothing, I may as well try and keep busy, so I wrote most of the album in the hospital.”

Ting sget off to a strong start with “Best Is Yet to Come” and “Crash,” and Hurricane #1 also score with “Think of the Sunshine,” “Has It Begun (Imitating Life),” “Round in Circles,” “Heathen Mother” and “Leave It All Behind.” Welcome back, fellas. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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