Violent Mae come into their own on sophomore platter ‘Kid’

Violent Mae‘Kid’
Violent Mae (Telegraph)
3.5 stars out of 5

Sometimes fate steps in and turns something good into something much more than that. Such is the case for Connecticut-based indie duo Violent Mae. Becky Kessler approached Floyd Kellogg a few years ago to record and produce her first solo album. The chemistry between the two musicians was evident the moment they set foot and the studio and Kessler and Kellogg soon began working together as Violent Mae.

Violent Mae CDThey released a self-titled debut album in 2013 with Kessler on vocals and guitar and Kellogg on drums and other instruments, but things really started taking off earlier this year when the record was re-released after garnering airplay on college radio. Violent Mae take another step up the ladder with rock-solid sophomore platter “Kid.”

It’s a moody gathering of 11 songs that showcase Kessler’s first-rate vocals and the duo’s excellent musicianship. The one-two punch of “In the Sun” and “In My Ring” sets the tone for the 49-minute slab, and Violent Mae also score with “Away,’ “Murdered Bird,” the title track and “Neon Halos.” Can’t wait to hear more from this talented twosome. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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