Wonky Tonk shines bright on her ‘Stuff We Leave Behind’ debut

Wonky‘Stuff We Leave Behind’
Wonky Tonk (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

Wonky Tonk is the stage name for old-school country/indie folk songstress Jasmine Lorraine Poole. The Kentucky native, who has earned comparisons to Iris Dement and Jenny Lewis, has spent the better part of seven years cobbling together her “Stuff We Leave Behind” debut album.

Wonky CDIt’s a jaw-droppingly good gathering of 11 tunes that showcase Wonky Tonk’s gifts as both a wordsmith and a performer. Many of the songs on the first-rate platter reflect her wandering spirit and the life lessons she’s learned on the road. Tracks like “Cleveland,” “Billings, Mt,” “Denmark,” “Tennessee,” “Montague Road” and “Parkland Avenue” are flat-out terrific, and merit multiple spins.

“Stuff We Leave Behind” came together in fits and starts, but the finished product is nothing short of terrific. Here’s hoping that Wonky Tonk continues her delightfully quirky sonic journey … and that we won’t have to wait so long for the next record. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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