‘West of Anywhere’ compilation shines light on Aussie trio DM3

DM3‘West of Anywhere’
DM3 (Alive Naturalsound)
4 stars out of 5

Power pop trio DM3 came roaring out of Australia in the mid-1990s with a trio of killer full-lengths in 1993’s “One Time, Two Times, Three Red Light,” 1996’s Road to Rome” and 1999’s “Rippled Soul.” Frontman Dom Mariani, who previously sang for The Stems and later for Datura4, Toni Italiano and Pascal Bartolone burned bright for a few years before fading away.

DM3 CD“West of Anywhere” is a terrific compilation that shines a light on the terrific music DM3 made during their heyday. The sprawling 18-track, 70-minute sets features the best material from the band’s three studio albums and, hopefully, will bring DM3 to a new generation of listeners.

There isn’t a bad song to be found on the album and it’s a must for anyone who loves guitar-driven power pop. Among the many highlights here are “One Times, Two Times Devastated,” “Speed Freak,” “Can’t Get What You Want,” “Fall to Bits,” “I Thought That You Were Foolin’,” “Falling for You” and “Just Like Nancy.” Rock on, fellas. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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