Guitarist/composer Carlos Timón delivers ‘Solar Rape’ solo LP

eldia-de-carlos-timon-700x450‘Solar Rape’
Carlos Timón (Pueblo)
3 stars out of 5

Spanish guitarist and composer Carlos Timón is best known for his work with experimental trio Insecto and he’s spent decades exploring Cuban and Brazilian roots music. “Solar Rape” marks Timón’s solo debut platter and finds the musician blending elements of psychedelia with folk and afro-cuban sounds.

Carlos Timon CDThe 12-track, 37-minute Spanish-language platter has some interesting moments though it’s not a record I have any urge to revisit again. Among the highlights here are “Rose Mary y Yo,” “La Cueva de San Andres,” “Mambo Jambo,” personal favorite “Grandes Amigo” ad the title track. Though not for all tastes, “Solar Rape” merits a spin or two. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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