Adir L.C. impresses at every turn on new album ‘Oceanside Cities’

Adir L.C.‘Oceanside Cities’
Adir L.C. (Dinky Pops)
3.5 stars out of 5

Singer/songwriter Adir L.C. has come a long, long way from the basements of Glen Rock, N.J. He got his start in the same suburban enclave that produced Titus Andronicus and Real Estate, but his music leans more toward indie pop than either of those outfits. He expanded his scope on latest album “Oceanside Cities” and the results are quite promising.

Adir L.C. CDThere is no wasted effort on an eight-track platter that speeds by in an efficient 29 minutes. Adir wrote the songs in a variety of coastal cities and traveled to Tel Aviv for the actual recording. Those experiences helped him craft an album of tunes that chronicle a young person’s search for identity, the struggle between the comforts of connection and the spiritual need to keep moving along.

Adir lures listeners in right away with “Half Right” — the best of a very good bunch — and “Creature.” Additional keepers include “Buyer’s Instinct,” “Believers” and “Same Big Ring.” Keep an eye on this talented singer/songwriter. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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