Sara Lov returns with stellar new album ‘Some Kind of Champion’

Sara Lov‘Some Kind of Champion’
Sara Lov (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

Hawaiian born singer/songwriter Sara Lov earned her stripes as vocalist for indie dream pop duo Devics in the 1990s and early 2000s before embarking on a solo career. She earned kudos for 2009’s “Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming” debut and 2011’s “I Already Love You” follow-up and returns at long last with third platter “Some Kind of Champion.”

Sara Lov CD“This album is very personal,” Lov explains. “So much time passed since my last album of originals, that, when it finally came out of me, it felt precise. Maybe the time I spent away from writing and recording solidified exactly what my voice is and how it would best be expressed.”

It’s an intriguing collection of tunes that incorporate elements of dream pop, country, jazz, folk and the blues — and most importantly, serves as a showcase for Lov’s voice. The opening tandem of the title track and “Diamond of the Truest Kind” lure listeners right in and Lov also scores with “The Sharpest Knife,” “Trains,” “Sorrow Into Stone” and “Willow of the Morning.” “Some Kind of Champion” is a welcome return from a truly gifted musician. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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