Post-rock outfit Maserati serve up ‘Rehumanizer’ long-player

Maserati (Temporary Residence)
3 stars out of 5

Considering my longstanding fondness for bands emanating from my old college stomping grounds of Athens, Ga., I have tried on several occasions to embrace the music of post-rock experimental four-piece Maserati. But while there’s no disputing the fact that these guys are gifted musicians, I’ve yet to warm to any of the band’s albums. And considering Maserati are more than a dozen years into their career, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be fully onboard.

Maserati CDThat said, I found latest offering “Rehumanizer” to be one of the more enjoyable Maserati offerings to date. It builds on some of the proggy, spacey aspects of 2012’s “Maserati VII.” The band — Coley Dennis, Mike Albanese, Chris McNeal and Matt Cherry — continue their mostly instrumental trek through electronic soundscapes and the good outweighs the bad on the six-track, 40-minute set.

Sprawling opener “No Cave” is 10-plus minutes of sonic goodness and “Living Cell,” featuring vocals from bassist McNeal is another winner. But the album starts to lose a little steam with the monotonous “Montes Jur” and “End of Man” — with computer-aided vocals from Cherry — misses the mark. If this type of music is your cup of tea, Maserati should be right up your alley. But for me, despite the band’s Classic City roots, a little Maserati goes a long, long way. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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