Sun Club’s ‘The Dongo Durango’ debut album grows on listeners

(Photo by Sherwin Lainez)

(Photo by Shervin Lainez)

‘The Dongo Durango’
Sun Club (ATO)
3.5 stars out of 5

“The Dongo Durango,” the debut full-length from Baltimore-based band Sun Club, took a while to grow on me. My first time through the 11-track, 28-minute slab was a mixed bag. While I didn’t out-and-out dislike the tunes, I wasn’t enthralled, either. The second listenproved more enjoyable and by the third time through “The Dongo Durango,” I was fully onboard.

Sun Club CDThe quirky quintet is all over the place here, but not in a bad way. There are boatloads of funky time signatures, shouted vocals and catchy melodies that remind me a little of Modest Mouse at their creative peak. But make no mistake, Sun Club are a thoroughly original band. With their mix of indie rock, pop, surf and punk, the lads have created a sound all their own.

Things get off to a middling start with “Glob” and “Summer Feet,” but Sun Club soon hit their stride. Among the standouts on the efficient platter are “Worm City,” “Carnival Dough,” “Language Juice,” “Dress Like Mothers” and set closer “Tropicoller Lease.” Adventurous listeners should take this one out for a spin. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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