Demi Lovato impresses at every turn on fifth LP ‘Confident’

Demi Lovato (Hollywood/Island/Safehouse)
3.5 stars out of 5

My esteem for pop songstress Demi Lovato grew by leaps and bounds during her Oct. 17 performance on “Saturday Night Live.” Her stripped down, emotion-fueled performance of “Stone Cold” was mesmerizing and had me noting multiple times that “the girl can really sing.” Lovato, 23, has left her celebrated Disney past behind her with the release of fifth full-length “Confident.”

Demi CDIt’s a consistently enjoyable gathering of pop tunes — arguably her best effort since her 2008 debut — that pays homage to current genre heavyweights like Katy Perry and Beyonce. That makes sense considering Lovato worked with a host of A-list producers — most notably Max Martin and Ryan Tedder — on a sprawling 15-track, 55-minute platter that includes a pair of remixes of No. 1 single “Cool for the Summer.”

The title track is a winner, as are the aforementioned “Cool for the Summer” and “Stone Cold,” and Lovato also scores with “For You,” “Kingdom Come” (featuring Iggy Azalea), “Lionheart” and “Father.” This is one of the finer pop offerings of 2015. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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