Collective Soul still at it with ‘See What You Started By Continuing’

(Photo by Jason Guay)

(Photo by Jason Guay)

‘See What You Started By Continuing’
Collective Soul (Vanguard)
3.5 stars out of 5

When Georgia-based post-grunge outfit Collective Soul emerged on the scene in 1994 with their “Hints, Allegations & Things Left Unsaid” debut, I was convinced that they were destined to be the “next big thing.” The album went platinum on the strength of killer lead single “Shine” and soon Collective Soul were touring alongside Aerosmith and performing at Woodstock 94.

Collective CDThe band’s 1995 self-titled sophomore platter was even more successful, spawning five Top Ten singles, and again found Collective Soul going platinum. Just as quickly as they rose to prominence, however, the band’s popularity began to wane. They’ve continued to churn out albums over the years — many of them quite good, in fact — but have never matched that early commercial appeal. Latest effort “See What You Started By Continuing” is their ninth studio effort and is more enjoyable than expected.

Collective Soul’s alternative rock sound is a bit dated, but frontman Ed Roland & Co. still know their way around a catchy guitar riff. Things get off to a strong start with “This” and “Exposed,” and Collective Soul also score with “Contagious,” “Am I Getting Through,” “Tradition” and “Without Me.” This is a fine addition to the veteran band’s discography. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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