Newcomer Tamara Laurel impresses on ‘Runaway’ debut LP

Tamara Laurel‘Runaway’
Tamara Laurel (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

As a youngster growing up in small-town Washington state, singer/songwriter Tamara Laurel was crippled by stage fright. It’s hard to believe that someone with this much talent was relegated to the background of choruses and theatre ensembles. She kept taking guitar and voice lessons while studying business at the University of Southern California and a post-graduation opportunity to perform at the House of Blues put an end to stage fright forever.

Tamara Laurel CDTamara’s music career started to take off last year with the release of her “Lightning” debut EP and she takes things to another level on terrific debut album “Runaway.” It’s a ear-pleasing mix of country/folk that showcases Tamara’s gifts as both a vocalist and a songwriter.

Lead single “Whiskey” launched last spring, earning plenty of deserved kudos, and Tamara shows that there are plenty more first-rate songs where that came from. Other standouts on the seven-track platter are “Come On Come On,” the title track, “Flying” and “Stay.” The sky’s the limit for this talented young artist. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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