The Mantles serve up another winning LP in ‘All Odds End’

The Mantles‘All Odds End’
The Mantles (Slumberland)
3.5 stars out of 5

For San Francisco-based indie outfit The Mantles, it’s all about quality over quantity. The psych-tinged band isn’t especially prolific — “All Odds End” is just their third album — but they make sure that the records they do release are uniformly excellent. Having impressed with 2009’s self-titled debut and (especially) 2013’s “Long Enough to Leave,” The Mantles keep the train chugging along here.

The Mantles CDThere is no wasted energy on “All Odds End,” with the 10 songs rolling by in an efficient 31 minutes, and The Mantles are on top of their game throughout. The Mantles have expanded their roster — frontman Michael Olivares, drummer Virginia Weatherby and guitarist Justin Lonely are joined by bassist Matt Bullimore and keyboard player Carly Putnam — and the more expansive sound works.

The Mantles set the tone with “Island” and “Lay It Down,” and later score with “Hate to See You Go,” “Doorframe,” “Time to Come Away” and “Best Sides.” This is definteily an album that merits some attention. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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