Joey Cape delivers most personal record to date in ‘Stitch Puppy’

Joey Cape‘Stitch Puppy’
Joey Cape (Fat Wreck Chords)
3.5 stars out of 5

Best known for his 20-plus year stint as frontman for pioneering pop/punk outfit Lagwagon, Joey Cape has found time to release a handful of solo albums over the years. Latest effort “Stitch Puppy” is his most personal offering to date and draws its name from a special gift from his daughter.

Joey Cape CD“‘Stitch Puppy’ was inspired by a doll my daughter made me a few years back,” Cape explains. “It’s like a Victorian mourning doll. Stitch is my most prized possession. Put it this way, if my house were to burn down, after my family and the animals, I would save Stitch. My idea to wear his costume stems from years of thinking of him as a representation of purity, strength and maybe a numbness that comes from loss and grieving.”

The songs on “Stitch Puppy” are a bit depressing, but certainly merit some attention. There’s a surprising abundance of piano and cello on the 10-track, 31-minute record, plus lots of acoustic guitar. Among the highlights here are “This Life Is Strange,” “Gone Baby Gone,” personal favorite “St. Mary’s,” “Broken” and “Moral Compass.” Powerful stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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