Aussie trio Little May soar on ‘For the Company’ full-length debut

Little May‘For the Company’
Little May (Capitol)
4 stars out of 5

What a whirlwind couple of years for Australian indie folk trio Little May. High school pals Liz Drummond, Hannah Field and Annie Hamilton formed the group in their native Sydney in 2012 and Little May managed to develop an international following even before self-releasing their self-titled debut EP last year.

Little May CDDrummond, Field and Hamilton build on that terrific debut on first full-length “For the Company.” Little May continue to put their own spin on indie folk, with delicate string arrangements, pitch-perfect harmonies and songwriting that demonstrates maturity beyond their years. As was the case on the EP, the 13-track “For the Company” is a uniformly strong gathering of tunes that figures to have plenty of mainstream appeal.

Things get off to a so-so start with “Cicadas,” but Little May soon hit their stride and roll out a series of keepers in “Home,” “Oh My My,” “Seven Hours,” “Remind Me,” “Where Do You Sleep,” “The Shine Is Brighter At Night” and “Boardwalks.” I really believe that the sky’s the limit for these talented Aussies. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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