Singer/songwriter Amy Blaschke the whole package on ‘Opaline’

Amy Blaschke‘Opaline’
Amy Blaschke (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Amy Blaschke has a great voice. It’s haunting at eyes, warm and inviting at others, and she uses her instrument to great effect on latest album “Opaline.” The fact that Blaschke, whose previous releases include 2013’s “Desert Varnish” and 2007’s “Canopy,” is equally impressive as a writer is just icing on the cake.

Amy Blaschke CD“I am triggered to write and I write,” Blaschke says. “Some songs unfold quickly, seemingly on their own, and some songs require years of nurture until they just feel done. Going into this record, it was very important for me to showcase more variety in my songwriting than on previous efforts.”

She has crafted a collection of 11 folk-pop tunes that unfurls over 39 thoroughly enjoyable minutes. The shuffling “Running Into the Fire” — which was featured in an episode of ABC’s “Nashville” — kicks off the proceedings, and Blaschke also scores with “Come See About Loving Me,” “Walking With the Rise,” “All of One Love,” “Shiver Wary” and personal favorite “Just Roses.” Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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