Saintseneca keep momentum going with ‘Such Things’ release

Saintseneca‘Such Things’
Saintseneca (Anti)
3.5 stars out of 5

Saintseneca has made a nice impression in a short amount of time. Over the course of three records, the band has made a dent in the increasingly bloated indie rock scene, returning with their splendid third album “Such Things.” Led by multi-instrumentalist Zac Little, the band put together 15 new tracks that should keep their momentum building.

saintseneca coverThe record begins with the rousing title cut, that combines great vocal harmonies with spirited playing, and then it’s on to “Sleeper Hold,” where Little trades vocals with Maryn Jones; “Rare Form” and its pushier guitars and rousing chorus; “The Awefull Yawn” that reminds a bit of The New Pornographers; “Necker Cube” and its Far East-flavored melodies; and slower, quieter “House Divided.” This is another solid building block for a band whose best years still are ahead of them. (Brian Krasman)


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