La Butcherettes deliver powerful new record in ‘A Raw Youth’

Le Bucherettes‘A Raw Youth’
Le Butcherettes (Ipecac)
4 stars out of 5

Le Butcherettes should be bigger than they are. Way bigger. Powered by incredible vocalist/guitarist Teri Gender Bender, who should be  mega-star if the world recognized true talent instead of fabricated silliness, this band has been on a roll the past few years. They’re back with their great third record “A Raw Youth” that is in your face and refuses to let you back down from the forces that halt you.

Le Bucherettes coverOver 12 tracks, Gender Bender and the band push you and prod you to pay attention and care, starting with peel-back-the-ego charger “Shave the Pride,” where Gender Bender howls, “Take a step back and stop this madness!”; strong, ’80s-inspired rocker “My Mallely”; confrontational “Reason to Die Young,” where Gender Bender wails, “The fight has just begun, no time to go to sleep”; “La Uva,” featuring a dark turn by Iggy Pop; organ-pumped, psychedelic “The Hitchhiker”; and strong closer “My Half,” featuring John Frusciante on guitar.

If you haven’t yet discovered Le Butcherettes, do it now. They might change your life. (Brian Krasman)


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