Jon Stickley Trio push boundaries on terrific ‘Lost at Last’ release

Jon Stickley Trio‘Lost at Last’
Jon Stickley Trio (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

If nothing else, the Jon Stickley Trio are true originals. Their take on instrumental music — an intriguing mash-up of bluegrass, jazz and punk — is unlike anything I’ve heard before and sophomore album “Lost at Last” is loads of fun. Stickley (guitar), Lyndsay Pruett (violin) and Patrick Armitage (drums) have terrific chemistry to go along with first-rate musicianship.

Jon Stickley Trio CD“As someone who had devoted myself to bluegrass-based acoustic guitar for years, it was refreshing to look back at my musical roots that included church music, rap, grunge, ska, punk and indie rock,” Stickley says. “I realized that the spirit of these different styles had guided my path, even within the acoustic genre in which I found myself. The Trio, and this album in particular, embraces all the music we love.”

You’re going to figure out pretty quickly if the Jon Stickley Trio and “Lost at Last” are for you. The opening salvo of “Point to Point” and “The High Road” set the tone for the 11-track release and if you dig those tunes, the rest of the record will be a delight. Other keepers include “Darth Radar,’ “Octapickin’,” “Valse de Wasso” and “Flight of the Durban.” This one’s worth exploring, folks. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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