Des Ark return with another winning effort in ‘Everything Dies’

Des Ark‘Everything Dies’
Des Ark (Graveface)
4 stars out of 5

I’ve heartily missed Des Ark. I got their “Loose Lips Sink Ships” by chance several years ago while working at The Daily News, and from that first listen, I fell in love with the band (their “Don’t Rock the Boat, Sink the F*****” also is a must-hear).

Des Ark coverThey’re back with “Everything Dies,” a folk-heavy, raw, honest record that finds Aimée Argote at her very best and hopefully will rip open ears that haven’t yet been impacted by this band.

Don’t let the silly song titles fool you, there is plenty of hurt here. “Peace to You Too, Motherf*****” is a syrupy, pedal-steel driven song that’s a nice intro into what’s next; “Coney Island Street Meat” finds relations in tatters; “Ties” is emotive and true, with Argote
realizing, “I wish I didn’t give a f*** about ties that bind”; piano-dripping, love-hurt “Street Woods” blisters; and churning, hearty “Snake Stuff” is sobering, where Agote offers, “All I wanted here was a break from my life after the hardest year.” Who can’t relate to that? (Brian Krasman)


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