Corb Lund shines bright on ‘Things That Can’t Be Undone’ LP

Corb‘Things That Can’t Be Undone’
Corb Lund (New West)
4.5 stars out of 5

Much to my embarrassment and disappointment, I was very, very late to the party when it comes to Canadian country crooner Corb Lund. Though he’s been making quality records for two decades, I knew nothing about the Alberta-based musician until last year’s terrific “Counterfeit Blues” came across my desk. It was a perfect introduction to Lund as the album featured re-recorded versions of some of his best early material.

Corb CDSince then I’ve tracked down a few of his previous albums and have eagerly awaited his next studio effort. That wait, happily, is over with the release of “Things That Can’t Be Undone.” It’s another winner from a talented singer/songwriter who, despite loads of critical and commercial claim in his homeland, has never become a household name in the United States. Maybe this gem will change all that.

You won’t find a single misstep on a 10-track, 38-minute release that I wish had a few MORE tunes to enjoy. From terrific opener “Weight of the Gun” — which Lund describes as a “Louis L’Amour style western tale crossed with Motown” — to first-rate closer “Sunbeam,” Lund doesn’t miss a note. In between are standout cuts “Run This Town,” “Sadr City,” “Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues,” “S Lazy H” and “Talk Too Much.” I can’t recommend this one highly enough. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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