Nerdcore rapper MC Lars serves up ‘The Zombie Dinosaur LP’

MC Lars‘The Zombie Dinosaur LP’
MC Lars (Horris)
4.5 stars out of 5

Long live nerdcore rap! I’ve been a big fan of hyper-literate rapper/Stanford grad MC Lars from the very first spin of his 2004 “Radio Pet Fencing” LP and never tire of his witty, pop culture-infused rhymes. The man born Andrew Nielsen has a handful of albums and EPs to his credit — and there’s not a clunker in the bunch — and adds to his impressive discography with “The Zombie Dinosaur LP.”

MC Lars CD“I love how pop culture references can help an audience relate to universal themes and helpa pop culture-based artist get deeper points across,” says Lars, who certainly practices what he preaches. On this album alone, Lars namedrops “The Simpsons,” “Game of Thrones,” Jack Kerouac, “Star Wars,” “50 Shades of Grey,” “Legend of Zelda” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

Highlights abound on the 13-track, 41-minute platter, with Lars most impressive on “Sublime With Rome (Is Not the Same Thing as Sublime)” — which he describes as “an empathetic song for any music fan who has been duped into seeing a half-hearted reunion show of a band that used to be great with only one or two original members … or less!” — “Hipster Mom,” the “Thrones”-inspired “Dragon Blood,” “If I Were a Jedi (That Would Be Awesome),” “The Dip” and “Forgot About Jack,” in which he apes Eminem’s rapid-fire delivery on 1999 hit “Forgot About Dre.”

I’ve said it many times before — and I have no doubt that I’ll say it again when the next album drops — this guy’s a genius, plain and simple. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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