Teen prodigy Connor Leimer soars on his ‘Postcard’ debut

Connor Leimer‘Postcard’
Connor Leimer (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

What were you doing at 18 years old? Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Connor Leimer, barely old enough to vote and just a few months removed from his high school graduation, is on the cusp of stardom with the release of pop/rock debut album “Postcard.” His self-booked Dorm Room Tour 2015 brings him to the University of Pittsburgh on Thursday, Oct. 8 and those concert dates should raise the youngster’s profile considerably.

Connor Leimer CD“This record represents a big chunk of my high school years,” Leimer notes. “It’s everything that you face while growing up. All my friends came together and played on it, or helped me with the artwork, or helped out with production. It’s just a bunch of friends helping each other other.”

Leimer, to his credit, writes and performs beyond his years. The songs on the 10-track, 36-minute release aren’t your typical teen fare. Leimer’s music is eclectic and smart, which bodes well for his future. Highlights of “Postcard” include “A Girl Named June,” “Keep Knocking” (with Gracie Schram), “Sunset,” “Thinking About You” and the title track. Keep an eye on this kid. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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