Paul Bergmann finds his calling with ‘Romantic Thoughts’ EP

Paul Bergmann‘Romantic Thoughts’
Paul Bergmann (Fairfax)
4 stars out of 5

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Paul Bergmann has dabbled in a multitude of musical styles and genres over theyears but appears to have found his true calling as a modern-day folk troubadour. Need proof? Check out the crooner’s sublime new EP “Romantic Thoughts,” a terrific five-track, 20-minute short player that showcases his gifts as both a writer and a vocalist.

Paul Bergmann CDThe centerpiece of the set is “Wishing Song,” a jaw-droppingly good duet with Warpaint’s Emily Kokal. The collaboration came about almost by accident — some might call it fate — and it’s the tune that lingers long after the EP stops spinning.

“‘Wishing Song’ is one of the most earnest songs I’ve ever written,” Bergmann explains. “It evokes a sense of lnging n me that is very plain and truthful. It’s also a clear nod to Woody Guthrie, who got me out of a really dark time a few years ago. While I was working on my ‘Romantic Thoughts’ EP I ran into Emily at a party. After hanging out till 4 a.m., we drunkenly made a pact to record a song together. I immediately thought of ‘Wishing Song’ and knew it would fit her like a glove.”

While that tune is worth the purchase price by itself, Bergmann also shines bright on “You May Never Know,” “Drunk (Alone and New)” and the soaring “Ocean Song.” Even remaining track “Los Angeles,” while a notch below the rest of the record, merits a few spins. This one’s a winner. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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