Last Good Tooth shine on new LP ‘And All Things on the Scales’

Last Good Tooth‘And All Things on the Scales’
Last Good Tooth (Supply & Demand)
3.5 stars out of 5

It’s high time that Last Good Tooth, the intriguing indie outfit fronted by Penn Sultan, make a dent in the musical mainstream. The talented folk-leaning band has been at it for several years now and after a few ups and downs along the way are clicking on all cylinders with the release of latest full-length album “And All Things on the Scales.”

Last Good Tooth CDIt’s a record dominated by Sultan’s haunting baritone singing voice, which reminds me of The National’s Matt Berninger throughout the slightly overstuffed 12-track, 60-minute platter. Though a couple tunes might not have been missed, Last Good Tooth have stepped up their game noticeably in the two years since 2013 release “Not Without Work and Rest.”

There are plenty of highlights to be found on “And All Things on the Scales,” most notably keepers “Our Little Machine,” “Which Ones to Roll,” personal favorite “This Light,” “2011 Operation,” “Best Way to Health” and “Amazing Breakthrough.” Less effective are too-long opener “Shell” and “Examples,” but on balance this album is a winner. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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