Wild Child rise to new heights on latest full-length album ‘Fools’

Wild Child‘Fools’
Wild Child (Dualtone)
4 stars out of 5

Indie pop collective Wild Child came into their own a couple years ago with the release of sublime 2013 sophomore album “The Runaround.” It was an out-of-left field gem that was among my favorite records of that year and remains in steady rotation on my iPod. Amazingly, the Austin, Texas-based band manage to take another step forward on even-better new release “Fools.”

artworks-000122061136-5h8a1s-t500x500Band leaders/co-vocalists Kelsey Wilson (fiddle) and Alexander Beggins (ukulele) work the boy-girl dynamic to perfection on a 12-song, 42-minute platter that should raise their profile considerably. Already fixtures on the late-night television and festival circuits, Wild Child seem poised for bigger and better things.

“Music defines us,” Beggins says. “We get up every day to stomp, clap, whoop, holler and dance with our family on stage and our friends in the crowd. We’re always looking for ways to expand our sound and push our boundaries musically, and we’re always looking for the next thing, the next sound, the next song. In the meantime, it just blows our mind to stand on stage and look out into the crowd and see people singing along.”

The set-opening title track sets the tone for the album and lures listeners right in. While there are no misfires to be found on “Fools,” Wils Child are especially effective on “The Cracks,” “Stones,” “Break Bones,” “Saving Face,” “Reno” and “Trillo Talk.” If you’ve yet to discover this terrific young band, here’s a chance to fix that.” (Jeffrey Sisk)


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