Usually reliable Metric misfire badly on ‘Pagans in Vegas’ LP

unnamed-2‘Pagans in Vegas’
Metric (Metric Music)
2 stars out of 5

Toronto’s Metric have been one of the steadiest, smartest, most rewarding indie pop bands of the past decade. This is a band that deserves to headline big buildings, continually build a larger following, and crush mainstream silliness. And then they go and
release their sixth record “Pagans in Vegas,” easily the worst thing they’ve ever done.

unnamed-3OK, so there are positive things out there written about this record. I do not concur. I have loved Metric for almost a decade now, and I can’t get over the lack of energy, mailed-in lyrics, and “let’s get a song into a Pepsi commercial” vibe of this record. This is a big dumb
record, evidenced by just-shoot-me tracks such as “The Shade” and the brainless “Too Bad, So Sad.”

You know it’s bad when the best tracks on the record are a dual instrumental suite at the end, and the preposterous production of Emily Haines’ voice is unforgivable. She’s heavily glossed and completely stripped of her personality. What happened here? Is this a joke? Please be a joke and give us the real Metric record. (Brian Krasman)


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