The Lonely Wild impress at every turn on ‘Chasing White Light’

The Lonely Wild‘Chasing White Light’
The Lonely Wild (eOne Music/Fast Plastic)
4 stars out of 5

It’s not easy for a band to write songs about death that aren’t, well, depressing. It’s an inherently sad subject, granted, but something that will happen to all of us at some point whether we like it or not. Andrew Carroll, the frontman for up-and-coming indie outfit The Lonely Wild, has managed to address the topic of death and dying in a way that is both accepting of its inevitability and uplifting in its encouragement to live in the moment and appreciate all of the things in our lives while we still can.

5295_TLW_INSERT_X1ASophomore full-length “Chasing White Light” is a fantastic gathering of 12 uniformly excellent — and thematically linked — tunes. Producer John Vanderslice forced The Lonely Wild out of their comfort zone, recording the entire album to tape.

“We didn’t pick anything apart,” Carroll says. “It’s raw. There’s mistakes in there. It was really more about capturing a performance and that lvie energy and the emotive quality of the music, rather than making something polished and pitch-perfect. “We were trying to a get a little weirder with the instrumentation and let the songs speak for themselves.”

Trumpet-infused opener “Snow” is the best of a very good bunch, with The Lonely Wild also soaring on “Scar,” “Running,” “Into Their Mouths,” “Blunt the Blade” and the sprawling title track. This is one of those rare records that will make you think all the while thoroughly entertaining you. Kudos. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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