Scottish trio Chvrches soar on new album ‘Never Ending Circles’

unnamed‘Never Ending Circles’
Chvrches (Glassnote)
4 stars out of 5

There is proof, slight as it may be, that sometimes the cream does rise to the top, and an example of that is Scottish indie pop band Chvrches. The trio is back with their great second album “Every Open Eyes” that only should build their swelling audience even more.

unnamed-1This new, 11-track record deserves to take up some radio airplay, and if so, you might find yourself bonding with the great, somewhat dark opener “Never Ending Circles,” where vocalist Lauren Mayberry pokes, “Here’s to taking what you came for”; “Leave a Trace,” that has one of the stickiest choruses on the record; shimmering and upbeat “Make Them Gold,” where Mayberry insists, “We will take the best parts of ourselves and make them whole”; and softer, solemn closer “Afterglow,” where Mayberry offers, “I’ve given you all I can.”

This is a strong, complete pop album that’s smart, catchy, and substantive, and man alive, we need a lot more records like these in the mainstream. (Brian Krasman)


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