Daphne Lee Martin crafts terrific new LP in ‘Fall on Your Sword’

Daphne Lee Martin‘Fall on Your Sword’
Daphne Lee Martin (Telegraph)
3.5 stars out of 5

Singer/songwriter Daphne Lee Martin’s music is as smart and thematically linked as it is entertaining. Her last two albums Moxie (“the hooker with a heart of gold”) and “Frost” (“the sweetheart”) were variations on a woman’s approach to love and lust. The songs were told from a definite point of view and gave indication that bigger and better things were in store.

Daphne Lee Martin CDWith newest effort “Fall on Your Sword,” Martin has pulled everything together. Enlisting more than two dozen musicians to help in the recording process proved to be a wise move as the tunes are as expansive and varied as anything Martin has done previously.

The most surprising entry on the 11-track, 37-minute platter is “Bees Make Money in the Lion’s Head,” a catchy tune that incorporates a rap verse (!) courtesy of SuaveSki. Additional highlights include “Saint Ambrose Kills His Darlings,” “Dreamchaser,” “Love Is a Rebellious Bird,” “La Rochefoucald and a Bottle of Boone’s Farm” and set closer “A Maturity of Proof.” Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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