King Radio make nice first impression with self-titled debut slab

King Radio‘King Radio’
King Radio (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Justin King has been chasing his musical dreams for the better part of two decades, with the assorted ups and downs that are all too familiar to musicians chasing the brass ring. Now in his mid 30’s, King thinks he’s finally found the right outlet for him in new band King Radio. If their self-titled debut album is any indication, this could be the start of something big for King & Co.

online“What I’ve found in this band is the sound I’ve been searching for,” King notes. “With the pedal steel guitar, mandolin, keyboards and fiddle, it’s got aspects of, for example, The Band, but with our horn section, there’s also a Motown element. It’s the right match for the stories I want to tell with my songs — about what it’s like to struggle, to love, to lose and to hang on.”

The core of King Radio includes King (vocals/guitar), Al Jump (drums) and Mark Kiesinger (bass). The remarkably complex and full sound comes courtesy of those three — plus the sprawling cast of 18 other musicians who contribute to the 12-track, 45-minute set.

Things get off to a rollicking start with “Alright” and “Sister,” and King Radio also hit all the right notes on “Fix It,” “Lonesome Nights,” “The Valley,” “Thousand Yard” and set closer “Tomorrow.” King admits that his struggles have helped him become the musician he is today, and in King Radio he at last has the ideal outlet for his art. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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