Scottish fiddle virtuoso Jenna Moynihan soars on ‘Woven’

Jenna Moynihan (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Jenna Moynihan earned her stripes as half of a fiddle-and-harp duo with Mairi Chaimbeul, and the young Scottish-born, Boston-based fiddler steps into the spotlight for solo effort “Woven.” She’s enlisted a host of first-rate guest musicians for the 10-track instrumental release that showcases her gifts as a composer, arranger and above all else, a performer.

Jenna_Cover_web“What makes Jenna Moynihan stand out isn’t her technical prowess or deep velvety tone, but her willingness to explre, play and manipulate sound,” notes album producer Maeve Gilchrist. “When Jenna plays the fiddle, I feel as if I’m not just hearing the note — but the shadow of the note; a lingering trace of what just happened. It’s as if she’s projecting a carefully chosen ray of color out into the world to shine and then gently fade away.”

Original composition “Haven” launched the 43-minute set, and Moynihan also score with “Pipe Major Jimmy MacGregor,” “The Eagle’s Whistle/Major Campbell Graham,””Kendall Tavern/Dancing in Alihies,” “The Chill on Monebello” and “Rise Ye LazyFellow/The Mill Stream/The Night We Had the Bears.” (Jeffrey Sisk)


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