Michael Grubbs, Wakey Wakey craft stellar ‘Homeless Poets’ EP

Wakey Wakey‘Homeless Poets’
Wakey Wakey (The End)
4 stars out of 5

Michael Grubbs — aka Wakey Wakey — had already won me over long before excellent new “Homeless Poets” EP came across my desk. I was blown away by Wakey Wakey’s wonderfully titled (and perfectly executed) 2010 full-length debut “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You” and my appreciation for his music was cemented last year with the almost-as-good “Salvation.”

wakeywakey“‘Homeless Poets’ came from my general frustration with the music business,” Grubbs explains. “This is my reality, what’s happening with me. To be a musician is frustrating. If these negative things continue, there’s not a bright future.”

Fortunately, the music on the three-song, 10-minute slab isn’t nearly as fatalistic. The title track ranks among his better offerings to date and “Adam & Eve” is another winner. The highlight of “Homeless Poets,” however, is set closer “Golden.” It’s a tune he wrote after the first album and has long been treasured by his hardcore fans. That love of the tune prompted Wakey Wakey to at long last record it. I’m glad he did. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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