Kim Edwards impresses at every turn with ‘Lovers and Loners’

Kim Edwards‘Lovers and Loners’
Kim Edwards (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter Kim Edwards made a nice splash with her 2012 “Wanderlust” debut album, hitting No. 25 on the iTunes Top 200 chart, and builds on that solid foundation with terrific new EP “Lovers and Loners.” It chronicles the entirety of a relationship from the happy beginning to the rubble-strewn aftermath. Amazingly, Edwards insists the sequencing of “Lovers and Loners” was a happy accident.

Kim Edwards CD“To be totally honest, I never noticed until it was done how the track order contributes to the narrative,” Edwards says. “Truly, I didn’t consciously write the songs or sequence the record with any sort of theme in mind. It just kind of fell into place.”

Stellar opener “Love,” a duet with Cameron Ernst, is the ideal lid-lifter and Edwards also scores with “The Book of Love,” “Words,” the title track and “The Sweetest Sound.” Truth be told, there isn’t an out-and-out misfire on the six-track, 24-minute release.

“Life is filled with highs and lows and everything in between,” Edwards notes. “I think this record will speak to anyone, whether they’re a lover, a loner or somewhere in between.” Amen to that. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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