Caustic Casanova crank up the volume on latest album ‘Breaks’

Caustic Casanova (Retro Futurist)
3.5 stars out of 5

If you like your music loud — and I’m talking the kind of loud that threatens to make yours ears bleed — you might want to consider giving “Breaks” a spin. That’s the latest full-length from high-decibel trio Caustic Casanova. It’s a high-octane gathering of seven sprawling tunes that find the band taking their music in a new direction.

Caustic CDNew guitarist Andrew Yonki joins original members Francis Beringer (lead vocals/bass) and Stefanie Zaenker (drums/vocals) and Caustic Casanova haven’t missed a beat. The songs on the 55-minute “Breaks” are abrasive and riff-heavy — filled with lots of distorted guitars, fuzzy bass and thunderous drumming — and should help the trio expand their fan base. Yonki in particular shines throughout the recording.

Opener “Thundersnow” sets the tone for what’s to come and Caustic Casanova later score with nine-minute opus “Elect My Best Friend for a Better World,” “Quezalteca Deathswitch Blues,” “The Forgiveness Machine” and 12-minute closer “The Painted Desert.” This is the kind of record that takes its toll on the listener, leaving you spent — but satisfied — after every spin. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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