3hattrio create unique sound on ‘Dark Desert Night’ release

3hattrio‘Dark Desert Night’
3hattrio (Okehdokee)
3.5 stars out of 5

Roots outfit 3hattrio don’t lack for ambition. The Utah-based three-piece has drawn inspiration from the natural landscape to create what they call “American desert music.” That sound is on full display on 3hattrio’s latest full-length, the aptly-titled “Dark Desert Night,” a slow-burn album that might take a few spins to be fully appreciated.

3hattrio CD“We live in a place that has a great and lasting indigenous imprint on it,” Hal Cannon explains. “We don’t attempt to perform the music of the nomadic Native peoples who have lived here for centuries. We are modern day settlers in a place where settlement is not all that old.”

Cannon (vocals/banjo/guitar) is joined by Greg Istock bass/vocals) and Eli Wrankle (violin) on the 11-track platter that reveals a new layer every time a hear it. Among the highlights of “Dark Desert Night” are opener “Get Back Home,” “Carry Me Away,” personal favorite “Off the Map,” “Western City Nights” and “Sandstorm.” I’d say they’ve done the desert proud. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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