Cascao & Lady Maru’s ‘Spleenism’ release rewards patient listeners

Cascao & Lady Maru (Cochon)
3 stars out of 5

Electronic/no-wave duo Cascao & Lady Maru have been building a steady following throughout Europe in recent years and the Rome-based outfit look to expand their sphere of influence with the release of sophomore full-length album “Spleenism.”

Cascao CD“We’ve been trying to minimize arrangements, using mainly mostly analog instruments,” Lady Maru says of the new album. “This way it can be easier to play the songs live without needing prerecorded phrases, and it allows us to have a more percussive and organic way of developing melodies. ‘Spleenism’ is a selection of the songs we wrote in the last two years that kind of showcase this style.”

The nine-track, 37-minute release is a somewhat acquired taste, but patient listeners should be rewarded with a handful of enjoyable tracks. Opener “Coconauts and Astronauts” isn’t as clever as its title, but Cascao & Lady Maru manage to score with “Tropical Tasting,” “This Boat,” “Who We Are,” “Burn My Feet” and “The Spleen.” See you on the dance floor. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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