My Brothers and I make great first impression with infectious ‘Don’t Dream Alone’ debut

My Brothers‘Don’t Dream Alone’
My Brothers and I (Expunged Records)
4 stars out of 5

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a debut album more infectious than this terrific platter from Portland, Ore.-based quintet My Brothers and I. “Don’t Dream Alone” is 11 songs of sonic bliss, with the talented young band sounding like an outfit that’s been making music together for decades.

My Brothers CD“We’re influenced by pop, hip-hop, the blues, Motown, funk and soul — but we wouldn’t place ourselves under a single umbrella,” notes bassist Erik Wurgler, who’s joined in the band by siblings David (vocals) and Scott Wurgler (drums), along with pals Jordan Roach (guitar) and Jonny Iliyn (keyboards). “This album has soul. We’re influenced by modern artists and the classics. Our songs fit into the current musical landscape but with throwback vibes.”

Sunny opener “Dream” sets the tone for the 41-minute album, and My Brothers and I also score with standout cuts “Granted,” “Maddy Brown,” “Na Na Na,” “Stay Here,” “Fly Away” and haunting set closer “Scars.” Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this remarkable album. You won’t regret it. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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