Midwest rockers The Kickback serve up ‘Sorry All Over the Place’

(Photo by Jesse Lirola)

(Photo by Jesse Lirola)

‘Sorry All Over the Place’
The Kickback (Jullian)
3.5 stars out of 5

Rock stardom probably seemed a million miles away to Billy Yost while growing in rural South Dakota. After graduating from college, Yost was still living at home with his parents when in 2009 he decided to seek fame and fortune in Chicago.

The Kickback CD“I was terrified about making the move,” says Yost, who went on to form indie rock quartet The Kickback. “I loved where I grew up. I spent a lot of time there writing songs … and figuring out what I had to offer. But I need a bigger pool of musicians who I had things in common with musically.”

The band was assembled via CraigsList ads and endured several lineup changes before settling on the current roster of Yost (vocals/guitar), Eamonn Donnelly (bass), Jonny Ofergan (guitar) and Ryan Farnham (drums). After five years of steady touring and handful of EPs and singles, The Kickback deliver their full-length debut in “Sorry All Over the Place.”

It’s an impressive first statement from a talented young outfit and showcases Yost’s gifts as a songwriter and vocalist. The Kickback lure listeners in right away with “Sting’s Teacher Years” and “When I Die,” and later score with “Scorched Earth Brouhaha,” “Little Teeth,” “Fanger” and “Please Hurt.” There’s no filler on the 10-track, 37-minute album and I’m eager to here more from Yost & Co. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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