Oak Street Blues deliver the goods on stellar ‘Back Again’ EP

Oak Street Blues‘Back Again’
Oak Street Blues (SloMo)
4.5 stars out of 5

Chris Hall, the driving creative force behind Southern California-based indie outfit Oak Street Blues, seems like a guy who’d be a blast to hang out with. He’s a talented singer/songwriter who knows his way around infectious melodies and catchy lyrics without every taking himself too seriously. That’s a rare combination and one that makes Oak Street Blues one of my favorite under-the-radar outfits of 2015.

Oak Street Blues CDHall is the lone permanent member of the band and he’s outdone himself on twangy new EP ‘Back Again,” the fourth Oak Street Blues release. It’s a terrific collection of six tunes that whisk by in a too-short 22 minutes. If anything, I wish there were another four or five songs to enjoy.

“Sometimes it’s nice to just get away from your daily life to enjoy a fun-filled concert that will make you laugh and jump around,” Hall explains. “Country and rock ‘n’ roll come to life at our shows. We will definitely entertain you.”

There aren’t any clunkers to be found on “Back Again,” with Oak Street Blues especially impressive on “All the Pretty Girls,” “Long Holidays,” “Bright Eyes” and “Girls With Boots.” This one’s a definite winner. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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