Eclectic siblings CocoRosie serve up new LP ‘Heartache City’

CocoRosie‘Heartache City’
CocoRosie (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

As I’ve noted in reviews of their past two albums — 2010’s “Grey Oceans” and 2013’s “Tales of a GrassWidow” — it’s not easy warming to the eclectic music of sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady, aka CocoRosie. Their quirky approach can be hit-or-miss, resulting in records that have some flat-out terrific moments but none that ever manage to work completely.

CocoRosie CDSuch is the case for sixth studio full-length “Heartache City,” though CocoRosie come as close as I can remember to making a truly great record here. The good far outweighs the bad and if you exercise some patience, there’s plenty to enjoy on the 10-track, 45-minute platter.

“Like many of our past records, we wrote and gathered much of the material at our farm studio in the south of France with minimal equipment, vintage toys and antique instruments,” the Casadys note. “Unlike our more psychedelic/electronic explorations of the last two records, our latest songs have a dusty southern feel with old-time poetry.”

Opener “Forget Me Not” might be my favorite CocoRosie tune to date, and the siblings also hit all the right notes on the title track, “Bed Bugs,” “Tim and Tina,” “Big and Black” and “No One Knows She Goes There.” Less effective are “Un Beso” and “The Tower of Pisa,” but “Heartache City” is a rrecord worth exploring — especially for those willing to think outside the box. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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