Austin Plaine impresses at every turn on his self-titled debut

Austin‘Austin Plaine’
Austin Plaine (Washington Square/Razor & Tie)
3.5 stars out of 5

Minnesota-based singer/songwriter Austin Plaine figures to make a nice splash with his self-titled debut album. It’s an impressive gathering of 11 folk-leaning pop/rock tunes that showcases the young musician’s talents.

Austin CD“The album is my real start in life,” Plaine notes. “My beginning. I want to make music and hope people connect with it. And then make more music from there.”

He’s off to a good start with this 38-minute platter. Lead single “Never Come Back Again” lifts the lid and ranks among the album’s stronger entries. Plaine also delivers the goods on keepers “Your Love,” “The Other Side of Town,” “Reckoning Plan” and “The Hell If I Go Home.”

Less effective are “Hard Days” and “Beautiful,” but there’s enough here to have me anxious to see what Austin Plaine comes up with next. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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