Presents for Sally mine familiar turf on ‘Colours & Changes’

Presents for Sally‘Colours & Changes’
Presents for Sally (St. Marie)
3.5 stars out of 5

British trio Presents for Sally have a noticeable fondness for the guitar-fueled indie pop/shoegaze sound of the 1990s, yet the band manages to put their own spin on a familiar sound. Presents for Sally earned kudos for their 2010 debut album “A Touch of Joy a Touch of Sadness” and build on that solid foundation with sophomore slab “Colours & Changes.”

Presents for Sally CDThe 11-track slab gets off to a slow start with “We Fought Lucifer (And Won),” a sprawling tune that meanders and meanders without ever getting anywhere. Just when I was stating to worry about the record, Presents for Sally find their footing with stellar lead single “Wishawaytoday.” It’s the clear-cut highlight of the overstuffed 59-minute set.

Additional standouts on “Colour & Changes” include “Anything Anymore,” “Sleep Tight,” “Everything I Said,” the title track and “Softly Spoken/Outside Honey.” This type of music won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Presents for Sally are a band worth spending some time with. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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